Conserving Canada’s Wetlands

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Wetland centres of excellence

Research shows that getting students active in local projects and providing them with real world models has significant value in changing understanding, attitudes and behaviour. Ducks Unlimited Canada works with students and educators to support Wetland Centres of Excellence in select secondary and senior elementary schools, where funding and resources allow.

Here are some of projects our partner schools are involved with:

Studies or monitoring

(water quality, species inventories, bird banding)

Students get involved in bird banding and provide information to researchers. The students at Timiskaming Secondary School in northern Ontario built special bird banding stations for their on-going program.


(nest boxes, wetland creation, planting, annual cleanups)

After students at Clarence Fulton Secondary School in Vernon, British Columbia carried out a wetland clean-up, they decided they needed to do more. Working with members of their community they created a new wetland, built boardwalks and carried out other habitat improvements to create their own outdoor classroom right beside their school.


(interpretive trails, educational signs, construction of a small nature centre or mentoring elementary school students)

Lead secondary students share their knowledge and enthusiasm for the environment with younger students who come from younger grades or local schools eager to learn. Mentoring programs to help teach new concepts in a fun and engaging way include critter dipping, biodiversity hikes and ecological games.

We assist a network of Wetland Centre of Excellence partner schools to get involved in creating their own long-term wetland conservation projects using local wetlands. This program helps encourage students to pursue related studies and careers in conservation through hands-on learning and leadership.

Wetland Centres of Excellence:

British Columbia


New Brunswick – Visit the Atlantic WCE Blog for more information

Nova Scotia


Ontario WCEsVisit the Ontario WCE Blog for more information