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Conserving Canada’s Wetlands

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How you can help

Be a voice

To protect our wetlands we need to invest in them and have effective government policies in place. To do that we need YOUR help.

Did you know Canada loses an average of approximately 80 acres of wetlands every 24 hours? That’s equal to about 45 soccer fields disappearing every single day. Now is the time to stop wetland loss before it is too late. Without effective government policies we will not achieve our conservation mission of protecting and conserving wetlands.

The work we do is not possible without support from conservation-minded people like you. Our strength is in our partnerships and relationships with people like you. You’re a voice for wetlands, and together our message to stop wetland loss continues to get louder. Keeping wetland loss top of mind amongst our government leaders is critical and there are things you can do to help make this happen. Visit a policy page in your area for more information:

In this section you will find tools and information to help you be an even stronger voice for wetlands in your province. We urge you to take action and join us in ensuring abundant wetlands and waterfowl – for today, tomorrow and forever.

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