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Conserving Canada’s Wetlands

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How you can help

Leave a legacy

The conservation spirit lives in you.

Let it be your legacy – today, tomorrow and forever.

Our Planned Giving program offers you a unique way to leave a lasting gift that will conserve wetlands for waterfowl, wildlife and people well into the future.

Planning Your Estate? Get Your Free Estate Planning Guide. This kit contains an estate planning guide and samples of important forms you may require.


If now feels like the right time to begin planning your legacy, and you are interested in contributing to a healthy environment, we encourage you to discuss your interests with Lloyd Derry, National Planned Giving Manager at plannedgiving@ducks.ca. Lloyd can help you plan your gift to suit your wishes and your personal, financial and tax circumstances.

These are some of the ways you can include us in your financial and estate planning.

It is important to us that our family of supporters has prepared a will. If there are people in your life who you love, one of the greatest gifts you can give them is to have all of your affairs dealt with in a well designed “living” plan implemented long before anything happens to you.

Having a will is the only way to ensure that your assets will be dispersed according to your wishes.

A bit of gift planning can help you control where your money will go

Social capital is the portion of one’s estate that goes directly to society either as taxes paid to the government or as planned charitable giving. You can’t use social capital for yourself or give it to your family. The laws of the land oblige you to return to society a portion of your income and your capital growth for the benefit of society.

By making a planned gift to us, current tax policy allows you to eliminate up to 100% of the tax on your estate. If any tax credit remains it can be applied to the previous years taxes as well.

Tax Savings Example

In most instances, tax savings can reduce the cost of your donation from 43 to 50 per cent depending on your province of residence, the type of planned gift and marginal tax rates.

If you donate a gift of $10,000 to us in your will:

You will receive a charitable tax receipt for $10,000.
Your donation to DUC = $10,000
Your Federal Tax Credit = ($2,900)
Your Provincial Tax Credit = ($1,741)
The net cost of your gift = $5,359

Note: Assumed combined Federal and Provincial tax rate of 46.41%. Assuming other donations to charity exceed $200.

The Feather Society FS Logo (4c)

The Feather Society is how we recognize our planned giving donors. Feather society members are presented with a distinctive commemorative Feather Society pin and are also recognized in our Annual Report. Your gift may also remain anonymous if you choose.

Everyone who leaves a gift to us in their will becomes a member of our Feather Society.

If you have left a gift to us in your will, and have not let us know, please contact us.