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Conserving Canada’s Wetlands

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Your gift is vital to conserving Canada’s wetlands that provide a healthier environment for all of us. Each contribution you make is another step towards abundant wetlands and waterfowl – today, tomorrow and forever.

Join our family of major donors. Your donation may be pledged over a period of years or given immediately. Many donors fulfill their pledge with a monthly gift of cash, however stock, real estate or other assets can also provide a tax efficient way to make a meaningful gift with little or no effect to your income.

We would be happy to discuss how your contributions can be directed to key areas of need. For more information on becoming a major donor or to speak with a development manager, we encourage you to contact us today.

Donor Spotlight

David Bissett
David Bissett – Alberta

David is an avid outdoorsman, conservationist and philanthropist. His contributions have launched the David Bissett Sportsmen’s Legacy Fund to ensure prime game bird and waterfowl habitat in southern Alberta is maintained and managed.

“Ducks Unlimited Canada is an organization close to my heart. I recently toured several DUC wetland projects to see first-hand the habitat work they are doing. I have a real appreciation for what they’ve accomplished, especially in Southern Alberta, conserving habitat for wildlife and allowing public access so that it can be enjoyed by everyone. I hope my donation will prompt other sportsmen to join me in supporting and donating to this Fund.”

Richard A.N. Bonnycastle – Alberta

Dick Bonnycastle is a longstanding supporter of many of our programs and a former member of our Board of Directors. Dick provides annual support for a research graduate fellowship in our Institute of Wetland and Waterfowl Research group, responsible for our science-based approach to conservation. Over several years, Dick has shown great leadership in providing support to a variety of our conservation program areas. Fondly remembering waterfowling in the Delta Marsh with his father, Dick has joined with Jim Richardson in making a significant donation to the Delta Marsh Restoring the Tradition project.

Brian Burke – Ontario

Brian is a passionate supporter and ambassador. He hosts many of our events and is honourary chair of the Toronto DUC dinner. View Brian’s 75th message.

Tim & Audrey Kenny – Quebec

Audrey and Tim’s contributions support the Wetlands Mapping Program and the restoration of Ruisseau de Feu’s Marsh near Montreal.

James A. Richardson – Manitoba

Jim is a member of our board and the Senior Director in Manitoba. He is a passionate outdoorsman, philanthropist and waterfowler and has provided significant financial support for a number of our conservation and education programs. Jim’s family has a four generation involvement with the Delta Marsh, his grandfather being a founding member of the our board and hunter in the Delta. Jim has recently become the leader of the Delta Marsh Restoring the Tradition undertaking, a multiyear, multimillion dollar project to restore this once world famous marsh to its former health and reputation as one of North America’s foremost staging marshes. Jim has made a leadership donation in support of the project funding requirement.

Peter Stoddart – New Brunswick

Peter is owner of the Saint John Ale House in New Brunswick and takes every opportunity to help us raise money and awareness of the importance of wetland conservation. He has proudly hosted the Ducks on the Deck event, Wetland Wednesdays and the Saint John Beer Fest all in support of raising funds and awareness for us.

“I am an avid waterfowler, nature lover and outdoorsman. Without Ducks Unlimited Canada who else will educate us, and our youth about the future importance of saving our wetlands. I am proud to be a member and supporter.”

Joe & Nancy Thompson – Alberta

“We were surprised to hear that we’ve lost 70 per cent of our wetlands and how this loss relates to the flooding we’re now seeing… or that one of the safest environments for ducks to nest is in winter wheat. We also didn’t know that much about DUC, but were pleased that they are efficient with the funds they receive.”

– Joe & Nancy’s comments after attending the Canadian Experience on the Prairies. Joe and Nancy first became involved with us by supporting  the John E. Poole Conservation Fund helping to restore Alberta’s wetlands in honour of the late John E. Poole.