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Conserving Canada’s Wetlands

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Denis Mayer Jr.

Vancouver artist Denis Mayer Jr. has earned international acclaim for his unique style of wildlife painting that offers not only remarkably realistic representations but also images infused with energy, vitality and warmth.

Mayer’s Silver & Gold was selected to join Ducks Unlimited Canada’s (DUC) 2013 National Art Portfolio. This limited edition series is available only through DUC fundraising initiatives. The money raised through this program supports DUC’s on-the-ground wetland conservation work, scientific research and education programs.

A1306-WolfThe inspiration for Silver & Gold
“I remember walking through the forest when I was a young boy and hearing the scary noises all around me,” Mayer Jr. explains. “I used to imagine that there were all kinds of animals behind every tree, and even now, as an adult, when I hike the mountains I wonder if I will be lucky or unlucky enough to encounter a wolf or a bear. I know I am not alone in the forest, and who knows what I might encounter at any moment.”

Additional work by Denis Mayer Jr.
Mayer’s prints Morning Majesty (2007), Beauty at Rest (2009), Still of the Night (2009), Mother’s Love (2010), A Touch of Warmth (2011) and Master of the North (Artist of the Year 2012) were all selected to be part of previous DUC National Art Portfolio collections.