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Conserving Canada’s Wetlands

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NAP past artists

We are sincerely grateful to all of our past NAP artists. Since its creation in 1981, the NAP has showcased some extraordinary nature art. This section features NAP artists from the past three years, as well as all of our past Artists of the Year.

Past Portfolio Artists

Terry Isaac
Clint Jammer
Richard Mravik
Patricia Pepin
Liz Mitten Ryan
Olaf Schneider
Glen C. Scrimshaw

Edward Spera
Trevor Tennant
Jake Vandenbrink
Derek C. Wicks
John Zacharias

Past International Artists

Past Artists of the Year

Angus ShorttSwinging on Canvasbacks (1981)
Michael DumasMorning Mist Mallards (1983)
Ken FerrisGreen-winged Teal (1984)
David BrynaertLate Migrants (1985)
Robert WyattScotch Pond Pintails (1986)
Brenda CarterNorthern Squalls (1987)
Lars LarsenAbsent (1988)
Chris BaconPromised One (1989)
Luke RaffinMallard Family (1990)
Colebrook KiersteadOut of the Way (1991)
Tony BiancoResting Place (1992)
G. Randy WilsonForever Free (1993)
Andrew KissFrom a Distance (1994)
Jake VandenbrinkBound for Spring (1995)
W. Allan HancockBaldplate Gathering (1996)
Judy LalingoSpring Passage (1997)
Peter PotapoffSnowed In (1998)
Patrice WolputRendevous (1999)
Darren HaleyLadies First (2000)
Jean DunnBreaking Calm Waters (2001)
Andrew KissOn the Wing (2002)
Clint JammerSilent Passing (2003)
Richard MravikWinter Afternoon (2004)
Shae InglisFamily Outing (2005)
Mark HobsonMallard: Looking South (2006)
Derek C. WicksFishing the Shallows (2007)
Heather SoosWinter Whites on Water (2008)
Darren HaleyAlpine Hunter (2009)
Darren HaleyThe New West (2010)
Derek C. WicksSeptember Serenade (2011)
Denis Mayer Jr.Master of the North (2012)
Robert BatemanTranquility (2013)