Art for wetlands—2016 Edition

National Art Portfolio

Our curators selected this year's National Art Portfolio from thousands of works of art across the country. Our selections highlight our pride in Canada’s most talented artists and will help us conserve wetlands, wildlife, and water for future generations.

What is the National Art Portfolio?

It's the art of conservation. Established in 1986, our National Art Portfolio showcases up to 15 new pieces of Canadian art each year that you can win in our Sealed Bid Auction and at DUC dinner events.

What is a Sealed Bid Auction?

Our sealed bid auction gives you an easy, confidential, and low-pressure way to bid on our National Art Portfolio prints. If you have the leading bid when the auction closes, you win the print at that price. Bid on the auction today!

The Works

We’re proud to present this year’s selections for the National Art Portfolio.

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