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Conserving Canada’s Wetlands

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Ducks Unlimited Canada urges Ontario political party leaders to protect wetlands now

Barrie, Ont., September 29, 2011 – In a recent letter to Ontario Political Party leaders, Ducks Unlimited Canada (DUC) president Tom Worden and manager of provincial operations Jim Brennan called on leaders to protect Ontario’s wetlands.

“It is time to raise the bar in our efforts to protect wetlands in Ontario,” says Tom Worden, president of DUC and Courtice, Ont., resident. “The majority of Ontario’s wetlands have no protection either through legislation or regulation. This loophole needs to be closed. Our wetlands require stronger policy protection and a stronger commitment for stewardship.”

Ontario’s legacy of exceptional natural heritage, parks and the Great Lakes is under serious threat. The signs of stressed and failing watershed health are evident as media stories cite algal blooms and beach closures this past summer. DUC believes significant wetland loss across the Ontario landscape directly contributes to our current situation. Recent research conducted by DUC, clearly demonstrates the role wetlands play in keeping our lakes and rivers clean and contribute to the associated watershed economies.

In southern Ontario, 72 per cent of large inland wetlands have been lost or converted to other land uses and this loss continues at an alarming rate. This destructive trend cannot continue and demands the attention of all political parties as they campaign to become the next Ontario Government.

“To prevent further deterioration of Ontario’s water resources, the next Ontario government needs to enact policies to stop wetland loss backed by a meaningful financial investment to support habitat protection and restoration programs for our wetlands now and into the future,” says Jim Brennan, manager of provincial operations for DUC.

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