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Conserving Canada’s Wetlands

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Nova Scotia

Wallace Bay

Wallace Bay is a multi-segmented wetland, with 1400 acres of wetland and upland habitat, located in Cumberland County, Nova Scotia. This wetland is extremely productive, hosting hundreds of ducks every year, and is also home to numerous other wildlife.

This project, located on Canadian Wildlife Service land, was completed in 1972, and contains over four miles of earthen dike. The area in which this project is located is known as the Wallace Bay National Wildlife Area. The trail atop the earthen dike is used extensively by hikers, bird watchers and families. It is highly valued and enjoyed by the community, and the trail is listed on the Province of Nova Scotia’s tourism website.

The dike, now 40 years old, is well past its prime and is eroding to the point where it is beginning to lose function. We are working to repair the dike and the water control structures, allowing this incredible wetland to continue to serve the many creatures who call it home.This area is a critical landscape, and your support will help us conserve it into the future.

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