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Conserving Canada’s Wetlands

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Boreal programs

Did you know that nearly one quarter (24%) of all of Canada’s wetlands are found in Ontario’s Boreal region?

This vast landscape of forests, lakes, rivers and lowlands – stretching from the shores of Lake Superior to the shoreline of Hudson’s Bay – produces 80% of Ontario’s waterfowl (nearly 2.6 million breeders)! While breeding densities (1-2/km2) across the forest are relatively low compared to the hotspots seen in Canada’s western Boreal, the size and amount of habitat spread out across Northern Ontario make it an important waterfowl producer. Ontario’s Far North remains largely intact, however accelerated developments for minerals, energy and other resources, including associated infrastructure, are increasing the pressure across this important region. Development and climate change will significantly impact the land, waterways and people. Due to the tremendous importance of this region, DUC is working to help ensure balanced decisions are made today to sustain these values for tomorrow. Our work in Ontario will seek to advance solutions that balance protection of waterfowl habitat, and ensure developments proceed in an environmentally sustainable manner. We are focusing on building partnerships, and supporting the many people, local communities, government and industry who live and work in this significant landscape. Learn more.

Who’s Who in Ontario’s Boreal?

Did you know 37 of North America’s 45 waterfowl species have been found in Ontario’s boreal region? Or that two million birds breed in the region and five million fly south each fall? DUC recently commissioned a comprehensive report entitled; Waterfowl in Ontario’s Boreal. Looking Back, Looking Forward. Learn more about waterfowl in Ontario’s boreal and how DUC is working to better understand the ecosystems and waterfowl resources so we can strike the right conservation balance in Ontario’s North.