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Conserving Canada’s Wetlands

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Boreal programs

Our goal is to help conserve all of the wetlands in Canada’s boreal forest through a combination of ecosystem-based sustainable development, that utilizes state-of-the-art best management practices, and by promoting the establishment of an extensive network of large, interconnected wetland-rich protected areas. We will use our foundation of strong science and strategic partnerships to help us move toward this goal.

Our vision is that the country’s boreal forest will remain an ecologically intact and productive habitat that will continue to sustain a high diversity and abundance of wetlands,waterfowl and associated water birds. We want Canada’s boreal forest to remain a mosaic of forest, rivers, wetlands and lakes that will continue to function with ecological integrity and support historical numbers of breeding, molting and migrating waterfowl and wetland-dependent wildlife.

To attain this vision, we will work alongside forward-thinking governments, industry, First Nations and aboriginal groups, academic institutions, foundations and conservation organizations to help establish a national boreal conservation network that includes ecosystem-based sustainable development, world-leading best management practices, and an extensive network of large, wetland-rich protected areas.