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Conserving Canada’s Wetlands

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Programs & projects


We challenged ourselves to complete 75 conservation projects across the province in our 75th anniversary year!

Find out how we did!

Our Work

Ducks Unlimited Canada’s (DUC) conservation activities benefit wetlands and associated habitats to achieve large-scale habitat impacts that will lead to increases in waterfowl and other wetland species populations while ensuring that the many benefits wetlands provide people continue for future generations.

We have been on the ground conserving and restoring wetlands across Ontario since 1974.  Since that time, we have established more than 2,400 conservation projects across the province, and have preserved or restored over 940,000 acres of habitat.

Conservation Programs

We rely on its conservation planning which includes research, waterfowl and wetland inventories and monitoring programs to determine where conservation activities should be undertaken. Benefits to wetland habitat and waterfowl, as well as how activities will improve the quality of life for all Ontarians are factored into wetland conservation planning and implementation.

We target our restoration activities in eight priority habitat areas across southern Ontario and along the lower Great Lakes coast. These priority areas were the result of extensive conservation planning that identified where we need to be working to maximize the positive impact on breeding and staging waterfowl.

Protection of existing wetlands and restoration of lost or degraded wetlands is critically important to a healthy, productive landscape, not only for waterfowl, but a wide variety of the province’s wildlife, thereby enhancing the biodiversity across the province.

Our programs include:

Research: A scientific approach to wetland conservation

As a science-based organization, our research looks at the importance of wetlands to the environment, economy and our daily lives. Research is central to helping us ensure we understand the impact of our conservation actions and guide the continual improvements of our programs.  It is also a central pillar of our policy program, providing key information on the importance of wetland protection and restoration to government staff and elected officials.

Highlights of recent research projects in Ontario, include:

Signature projects: Wetlands for everyone

Marquee Projects are a recent addition to Ontario’s restoration program. These high profile, high quality, publicly accessible wet­land restoration projects make a major contribution to benefiting waterfowl, other wildlife and people.

We have selected the first two Marquee projects, both include critical wetlands that are in need of immediate conservation action. In order to deliver this program and restore the vital natural habitat for all to enjoy, we need your support.

Cedar Creek

Only 20 kilome­tres west of Leamington in southwestern Ontario, along the north shore of Lake Erie in Essex County, lies the 385 acre Armstrong Property.

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Gananoque Provincial Wildlife Area

Located just west of the town of Gananoque and only 20 minutes east of Kingston along the 401, this Marquee project is highly accessible and will pro­vide a unique project for residents and visitors to the area.

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