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Conserving Canada’s Wetlands

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Prince Edward Island

Noonan’s Marsh

Noonan’s Marsh is a 63-acre fresh water impoundment located at the foot of the Confederation Bridge in Borden-Carleton. We constructed it in 1985 by building an earthen dyke and installing a concrete water control structure, culvert and tide gate. The marsh acts as an important migration stop for ducks, geese and shorebirds, and is important breeding habitat for a variety of waterfowl species. The marsh has healthy populations of muskrat and beaver and it supports a considerable number of great blue heron and red-winged blackbirds. It is used by local hunters and for our Project Webfoot field trips.

The structures at Noonan’s Marsh are showing their age — the metal culvert has degraded to the point where it could soon fail, risking washout of the dyke. We are working hard to address these issues. With your support, we can repair the structures so that Noonan’s Marsh can remain a vital habitat.

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