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Conserving Canada’s Wetlands

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Programs & projects

Our Work

Since 1938, we have been on the ground conserving and restoring wetlands in Saskatchewan. Our staff work throughout the province, protecting and restoring wetlands the prairie, parkland, and boreal forest regions. After nearly 75 years of conservation in the province, we continue to rely on the volunteers and landowners who have shaped the organization from the very beginning. Together, we have established more than 2,800 active conservation projects across Saskatchewan, and have preserved or restored over 1.8 million acres of habitat.

Conservation Programs

We work closely with farmers, ranchers and landowners providing sustainable conservation programs and advice across the province. Priority target areas include: the Missouri Coteau, the Allan/Dana Hills, the Upper Assiniboine, Lightning Creek, Touchwood Hills and Thickwood Hills. Our programs include:

Research: A Business Case for Wetland Conservation

There are significant water quality issues in the Upper Assiniboine River in southern Saskatchewan that adversely affect residents in the watershed and water users downstream. We are conducting research in the Smith Creek Watershed in east-central Saskatchewan to quantify wetland loss in the area and to investigate the costs of flooding and water quality to businesses, landowners and society. This research will help policy-makers, landowners and the public understand the costs and benefits of wetland stewardship and restoration in Saskatchewan.

Partnerships: Critical to our success

Together with key industry, government and non-government agencies, we work to influence, design and implement habitat conservation programs and policies that benefit us all. For example, we work with a variety of watershed groups across the province to identify programs and funding incentives available to producers through the Farm Stewardship Program and delivered by various Agri-Environmental Group Plans (AEGPs). These groups are helping producers access funding to implement beneficial management practices.

Touchwood Hills Conservation Ranch
The Touchwood Hills Conservation Ranch is a working cattle ranch in the heart of prime waterfowl habitat. Read more…

Waterhen Marsh
In the spring of 1938, a group of landowners helped us begin work on what would become the organization’s first wetland project in Saskatchewan. Read more…