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National Art Portfolio

2020 Submission Guidelines

Program Overview

Submission deadline to be considered for the 2020 National Art Portfolio is July 31, 2019.

Transforming how people relate to the natural world is among the greatest challenges in environmental conservation. We believe artwork can help deepen the relationship Canadians have with our natural environment and inspire more Canadians to adopt conservation behaviours.

That’s why Ducks Unlimited Canada launched the National Art Portfolio in 1986. By giving artists an incredibly valuable platform to share their conservation-inspired artwork, artists have in turn helped DUC draw attention to the critical issues facing our wetlands, wildlife and water, and raised critical funds in support of DUC’s conservation work.

Here’s how the National Art Portfolio program enables us to accomplish this goal together.

How artists are helping DUC


National Art Portfolio artwork is produced as lithographic prints, uniquely numbered, signed by the artist, then professionally matted and framed. The final product is available for auction and sale, with net proceeds funding our important environmental conservation work.

Posting and sharing

Environmental conservation is central to our shared Canadian identity, standard of living, and outdoor lifestyles, but we need help spreading the word. Artists who use their social media channels to post and share about their conservation-inspired artwork are having an even greater positive impact on Canada’s conservation culture.

How DUC is helping artists

Artists of the National Art Portfolio receive:

  • Official Artist’s certificate to recognize your distinction in the program
  • Authorized use of the official DUC National Art Portfolio 2019 logo to promote your participation in the program
  • High quality prints (APs) of your 2019 National Art Portfolio artwork
  • Publicity, marketing and promotion of your personal brand and 2019 National Art Portfolio artwork in DUC print and digital channels
  • Opportunity to be our guest at an exclusive 2019 DUC fundraising dinner event near you for a special presentation of your artwork

Submission guidelines

The submission deadline to be considered for the 2020 National Art Portfolio is July 31, 2019. Only original artwork created from your own reference material may be submitted for consideration.

If you submitted content for consideration for the 2019 National Art Portfolio, we will again review and consider your submission for the 2020 NAP—no need to resubmit. You are welcome to make multiple submissions.

  • All artwork submissions must be accompanied by a completed submission form.
  • Your artwork and completed submission form may be submitted either via snail-mail or digitally using a suitable file-transfer format. Contact us with questions.
  • Submitted artwork will be considered for inclusion based on the requirements of each artwork category.
  • Artists whose work is selected are required to agree to the terms of our Reproduction Agreement.
  • Artists retain all rights to their original artwork.
  • DUC only assumes copyright for reproductions. Digital and giclée prints are eligible for submission.

Any submissions sent for consideration for the 2019 NAP will be reviewed and considered for the 2020 NAP—no need to resend.

Artwork Categories

Your artwork may be submitted for consideration in any of these artwork categories. Just remember—the submission deadline to be considered for the 2020 National Art Portfolio is July 31, 2019.

2020 National Artist of the Year

  • One Canadian artist whose work best illustrates the value of wetland conservation will receive national recognition
  • Artwork must depict wetlands, wildlife, waterfowl, dogs, horses or outdoor leisure activities such as fishing, hunting, camping, or scenes from Canada’s famous cabin country
  • Winner receives National Artist of the Year title, an honorarium, plus artist proofs

2020 Waterfowl Stamp & Print

  • One Canadian artist whose work best illustrates a single North American waterfowl species will receive national recognition with a limited-edition, collectible print and stamp set
  • Artwork must depict a single species of waterfowl native to North America (Canada, the United States or Mexico)
  • Winner receives National Waterfowl Stamp & Print Artist title, an honorarium, and artist proofs

2020 Portfolio Artists

  • The work of several Canadian conservation artists will receive national recognition in the 2020 National Art Portfolio collection
  • Artwork may depict Canada’s wetlands, wildlife and outdoor recreation scenes, but this category is unrestricted and open to new works
  • Winners receive national recognition for their work, artist proofs, and alumni artists additionally receive an honorarium


Should you have any questions about the National Art Portfolio program or issues with using the online submission form, please send us an email.

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