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Do what you love while helping conserve Canada’s wetlands

Each year, artists from coast to coast pick up their paintbrushes and do what they love to help conserve Canada’s wetlands.

Back in 1981, we introduced the DUC Waterfowl Art Award to our fundraising dinner events. Appropriately, Angus Shortt received the first of these awards. Shortt was renowned for contributing waterfowl art to DUC communications pieces for more than four decades.

The popularity of waterfowl and wildlife prints led to the establishment of the National Art Portfolio in 1986, which showcases a collection of new Canadian art each year. This artwork is available at DUC dinners, our online store and through our Sealed Bid Auction program.

The National Artist of the Year is the highest level of recognition for DUC artwork. We also chose a waterfowl piece to be made into a framed print and stamp for art collectors and dinner attendees.

For more than 30 years, DUC has built relationships with hundreds of established and emerging artists. This program has helped us continue to conserve wetlands while promoting exceptional artwork.


There are three categories under which your artwork can be admitted to DUC’s National Art Portfolio.

National Artist of the Year

National Artist of the Year

One artist will be chosen as our National Artist of the Year. Artwork for this category can feature wildlife, waterfowl, dogs, fishing, hunting, camping and cabin scenes.

Waterfowl Stamp and Print Artist

Waterfowl Stamp and Print Artist

We select one waterfowl piece to be made into a special stamp and print set. The subject is limited to a single species waterfowl.

Portfolio Artists

Portfolio Artists

Artwork for this category can feature wildlife, waterfowl, dogs, horses, fishing, hunting, camping and cabin scenes—we invite landscapes, still life, portraits, cityscapes, collages, abstract art or any other form!

Artist Benefits

Selection for the prestigious National Art Portfolio exposes your artwork to thousands of Canadians each year.


  • Free admission for you and a guest to a DUC fundraising dinner where your NAP print will be displayed and auctioned
  • High-quality prints of your image that you can sell one year after our fundraising year commences
  • Exclusive NAP icons you can include on your personal website to advertise your inclusion in the program
  • Promotion in our news release distributions to media outlets
  • Inclusion in our social media mentions, including Facebook and Twitter


  • Promotion and sales opportunities at approximately 400 annual fundraising events attended by more than 52,000 people each year
  • Auction sales via DUC’s online Sealed Bid Auction and at high-traffic easel sites across the country
  • Exposure in DUC’s event merchandise catalogue which is distributed to more than 5,900 volunteers
  • Profile on


  • The Artist of the Year and the Waterfowl Stamp and Print Artist receives an honorarium
  • Previously selected NAP Alumni artists are entitled to an honorarium for pieces selected for subsequent NAP collections

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