Rescue Our Wetlands

The DUC community has made the Rescue Our Wetlands Campaign one of the most significant fundraising and conservation achievements in history.

Acres Conserved

Acres Influenced

$ million

Funds raised over 7 years

Together we've conserved an area the size of Newfoundland and Labrador, but there is more work to do.

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Rescue Our Wetlands

Rising to the Challenge

Seven years…a $500-million fundraising goal…and the opportunity to change the face of conservation.

Rescue Our Wetlands took bold steps to safeguard wetland habitat across Canada. This habitat is critical to the health of our water, our wildlife and our communities. With up to 70 per cent of wetlands lost in settled areas of the country, Rescue Our Wetlands responded to the urgent need to conserve and restore these vital ecosystems.

Amazing things happen when we work together, but the threats to these habitats aren’t going away. The need for wetland conservation never stops, and we’re counting on Canadians to keep important rescue efforts going.

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Thank you to the thousands of people who stepped up to help Rescue Our Wetlands. Passionate people are the driving forces behind DUC's continued success as we work to protect our water, wildlife and way of life.

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© DUC Thank you to the thousands of people who stepped up to help <em>Rescue Our Wetlands</em>.

Impacting what matters most

The wetlands DUC saved aren’t just for ducks. They’re for all of us.

Rescue Our Wetlands demonstrated how important these ecosystems are to the environment and our way of life. It also taught us that threats to these habitats aren’t going away.

Protecting our water

Protecting our water

Wetlands underpin almost every aspect of our water’s health. DUC’s efforts enhanced the quality and quantity of Canada’s most precious resource.

Enhancing biodiversity

Enhancing biodiversity

DUC conservation efforts provided habitat for species at risk, removed harmful invasive species and created a healthier environment for the wide variety of life that relies on Canada’s wetlands.

Combating climate change

Combating climate change

By conserving and restoring wetlands, DUC has made communities and coastlines more resilient against flooding, droughts, storm surges and rising sea levels.

Inspiring the next generation

Inspiring the next generation

Rescue Our Wetlands empowered young people across the country to support wetland conservation through engaging, hands-on education programs.

Project Spotlights

Meet some of the dedicated people involved in some of our conservation projects from across the country.

The Journey isn't Over

Amazing things happen when we work together. Help us continue our mission to conserve Canada's natural environment, educate future generations, and protect our way of life.

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