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Provincial, Saskatchewan

It’s time to flex your farm’s muscles.

Are areas on your farm not as productive as you’d like? Are you looking for sustainable solutions to help get the most out of your land?

Improve the profitability and sustainability of your farm with Ducks Unlimited Canada’s newest program – FlexFarm.

As a grain farmer, you get paid for the canola, wheat or corn you produce. Why not get paid for the natural commodities your land also provides such as flood retention, carbon sequestration and nutrient removal?

FlexFarm is not a one-size-fits-all kind of program. It is completely voluntary with the option to buy-out at any time.

FlexFarm is currently being piloted in three Saskatchewan rural municipalities: Hoodoo, Three Lakes and Humboldt.

Contact one of our agronomists to discuss all your options: 1-866-252-3825 or

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