The Wetland Centres of Excellence form a national network of schools and community partners, recognized by Ducks Unlimited Canada, for their efforts to engage young people in wetland conservation. They are large and small, rural and urban, and each is unique.

Together, the Wetland Centres have accomplished amazing things for conservation:

  • planted over 196,837 trees and seedlings including Carolinian species, western yellow and red cedar, hardwoods and boreal species; as well as wetland plants, fruit- and nut-bearing trees and shrubs; plants native to tall grass prairies in Ontario and Manitoba; and wetland buffer strips of native plants
  • banded and provided records for over 70,000 birds
  • constructed, installed and monitored waterfowl and songbird nest boxes long-term
  • planned and provided mentored wetland field trips and public tours to over 100,000 individuals and shared their commitment to wetland conservation with politicians and the media
  • restored and maintained wetlands, built bird banding huts and an outdoor centre; constructed toad houses, shelters to protect turtles, and students sewed customized “bird bags” to calm and hold birds awaiting banding; wrote, designed, and installed interpretive signs; planed logs, built boardwalks, trails, dipping docks, a wheelchair accessible hunting blind, osprey and eagle nest platforms; carried-out inventories of plants and animals, sampled waterfowl for avian flu, removed invasive species, produced videos, developed websites, and, most recently, experimented with drones for low impact water testing.

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Recognized Wetland Centres of Excellence:


  • Clarence Fulton Secondary WCE



  • Daly Point WCE
  • Fredericton High School WCE
  • Tantramar Wetland Centre
  • Simonds High School WCE
  • École Secondaire Népisiguit WCE


  • Somerset Elementary School WCE


  • Bluewater WCE
  • Cambridge WCE
  • Durham Region WCE
  • East Elgin Secondary WCE
  • Hilliardton Marsh WCE
  • Holy Trinity School WCE
  • Luther Marsh WCE
  • Ottawa WCE
  • Royal Botanical Gardens WCE
  • Sir John A. MacDonald WCE
  • Toronto WCE  – 2016 Living City Award



  • Mossbank WCE