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We conserve wetlands and other natural spaces for waterfowl, wildlife, and people.

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Save habitat and save on your mortgage: Street Capital preferred mortgages for DUC supporters

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Why gardeners should read-up before digging in

Plant ecologist shares tips to grow a beautiful, wetland-friendly garden

What to look for

Dry habitat conditions may dampen duck production

Many Canadians enjoyed a warmer and drier than usual winter, but how will it affect waterfowl habitats this spring?

What it means for ducks

Waves of support for Great Lakes

Positive policy action for wetlands in Ontario’s most populous region

How it will help water, wildlife and communities

Planned giving

Families like the Clements are leaving a lasting legacy for wildlife, waterfowl and wetlands

Their gift will help ensure a strong future for research

The gift of time

A Verona-area landowner is inspired by wetlands to give back to nature and conservation.

His connection with a special wetland

Warm warnings

Arctic waterfowl researchers explore climate change links and the effects on northern breeding populations of ducks and geese.

How it's affecting migratory birds

Managing forests that conserve wetlands and water quality

Partnership with Tembec advances forestry and conservation practices

Working with wetlands for healthy water

Make conservation your legacy

Choose planned giving for wildlife, for water and for the future

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