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If you care about the outdoors, wildlife and the environment, turn your passion into action as a Ducks Unlimited Canada volunteer.


The View from Here

Volunteers have unique views about the importance of wetland conservation, shaped by their personal experiences in nature.

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Every action adds up

Volunteering with DUC doesn’t have to be a big commitment. By lending a hand when you can, your passion will be transformed into real results that benefit Canada’s natural areas.

DUC volunteers at an event

There are lots of opportunities to help. What and how much you do is completely up to you. Here are some examples of small actions people can take through our event fundraising programs:

  • Help out at a fundraising banquet with set up or take down

  • Sell event tickets or raffle tickets

  • Solicit donations

  • Help spread the word about DUC’s conservation mission in your community

Other opportunities to lend a hand include participating in our peer-to-peer fundraisers, joining or participating in a Ride for Conservation Event, helping with a provincial calendar raffle, becoming a Marshkeeper or helping out with administrative tasks. (Opportunities vary by province.)

All these activities add up to make a big difference for conservation. Would you be willing to lend a hand? Our DUC staff members would be pleased to speak with you.

Turn your passion into action.

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Volunteer Stories

Small things can make a big difference.

From organizing fundraising events to monitoring our projects, the DUC flock is critical to achieving our conservation mission.

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