Our Work


In 1938, DUC was a brand new organization. That year, we launched an annual duck census of the Prairie provinces. More than 3,000 individuals—including farmers, medical doctors, bankers, PFRA pasture managers, government biologists and merchants—volunteered their time, effort and resources to our new organization. After eight decades, our volunteers remain the backbone of our organization, helping us monitor the land, raise funding and spread our message.

How our volunteers are making our mission possible

Every person who gives their time to DUC is responsible for our success.

They also give something special back to their community by protecting local wildlife and habitat for future generations. From organizing fundraising events to monitoring our projects, our volunteers leverage a wide range of skills to help DUC achieve our mission.

The DUC family includes more than 5,900 Canadian volunteers who are putting their passion into action. They run hundreds of fundraising events, pitch in at project sites, help with educational programs and even volunteer at our offices. Conservation is worth their time.

Learn how you can become a part of DUC’s volunteer community.

How we celebrate our Volunteers

Our volunteers don’t do the work to be recognized, but they definitely deserve it. That’s why DUC has a Volunteer Champions Awards Program.

The program recognizes exceptional DUC volunteers and chapters across the country, while also helping to promote the importance of conserving Canada’s wetlands.