Get involved

Advocate for the environment

DUC’s current work is mostly on-the-ground, but we cannot affect enough area on a project-by-project basis. Water, wildlife and people depend on extensive areas that are changing in big ways.

That’s why our policy experts work with all levels of government—federal, provincial and municipal—to advance conservation. Backed by sound science, a large network of Canadian supporters and a legacy of conservation success, we have the strength and credibility to influence meaningful change.

We appreciate the effort it takes to change public policy and we know it takes years and considerable resources to get this important work done. More work is needed at federal, provincial and municipal levels to ensure public policy supports and furthers conservation across the country.

Take a stand and speak up for wetlands

Here are some suggestions on how to engage your local Member of Parliament.

  • Tell them they have the opportunity, right now, to better conserve wetlands.
  • Drop by their office for an informal conversation, bring the subject up at a local meeting or send them a letter.
  • Introduce yourself as a DUC supporter.
  • Tell them why you support us and why wetlands are important to you.
  • Share your thoughts about why wetlands are important to all Canadians and should be important to government.
  • Inform them of the impact of wetland loss on our wildlife, our water supply, and other resources is a concern.

By sharing your opinions and your passion for wetlands and Canada’s natural resources, all MPs will get the message that they must make a significant commitment to support the protection and restoration of Canada’s wetlands and effective wetland policy.