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Our Partners

Banding together for a better world.


In the early 1980s, some of the most common species of waterfowl were disappearing. The issue stretched beyond our borders. These birds relied on habitat across the continent, in many jurisdictions. It was not a problem we could tackle on our own.

We knew this was the time to look at the big picture, and partner with others who could help us make a difference. This problem wouldn’t get fixed without local, federal and international cooperation.

In 1986, we became part of the largest conservation initiative in history. The North American Waterfowl Management Plan (NAWMP) was formed with input from DUC and other conservation groups. International, federal, provincial, state and municipal governments committed to the plan. We became NAWMPS’s primary facilitator of on-the-ground conservation work in Canada.

Waterfowl numbers grew stronger as we worked to conserve habitat. By the end of 2014 NAWMP had secured and enhanced more than 23 million acres of Canadian habitat.

Partnerships are at the heart of our success stories. They form the foundations of our biggest accomplishments in policy, conservation and education. Some involve collaboration with governments, communities and non-profit groups. Others bring us together with corporate partners who are committed building our success through fundraising and awareness. Every partnership is based on a shared commitment to conservation.

Dedication of a Saskatchewan wetland project in support of NAWMP.
Dedication of a Saskatchewan wetland project in support of NAWMP. © Ducks Unlimited Canada. All rights reserved.

How we’re working together

Sustainable development

Conservation can be a normal part of doing business. Partnerships in industries like agriculture and resource-extraction often work in sensitive natural areas. Our partners strive to implement best management practices and conservation tools. By sharing resources and research, these partnerships are helping to strike a balance between human activity and nature.

Public Policy

We recognize the power of working with others to influence large-scale change. Policy-driven partnerships are often defined by geography – on the federal, provincial and municipal levels. They can also be based on land-types and watersheds. Others tackle areas of interest, like agriculture or wildlife. Collaboration can be complicated, but is always focused by the need for conservation.


Our award-winning education programs engage more than 100,000 young Canadians and educators each year. Partnerships bring these to interpretive centres, outdoors classrooms and our student-led Wetland Centres of Excellence. Commitment from corporate partners helps secure funding, resources, promotion and even volunteers.

Corporate Partner Program

For leading companies that care about our water and wildlife, partnering with a conservation leader empowers them to make a difference. Our corporate sponsors and official product licensees turn their success into support in many ways. They donate revenue from dedicated products and services. They help us thank our supporters with special offers. They raise awareness for our conservation work.

Fundraising Partners

We have a long history of local partnerships supporting conservation initiatives. Businesses that host art easels for our Sealed Bid Auctions help us fundraise through their customers. They also draw attention to the artists in our National Art Portfolio, who donate their work to support ours.

Conservation Initiatives

Whole communities benefit when habitat is restored and protected. Partnerships with major donors – corporations, foundations and individuals alike – help us tackle the big projects: large-scale restorations, long-term habitat protection, fisheries enhancement and more. Collaboration with landowners, governments and coalitions help get the work done. By sharing resources and expertise, we are able to conserve more wetlands and wildlife where it’s needed most.

One continent, One Ducks Unlimited

Water flows across borders and waterfowl fly from one end of the continent to the other. As North Americans, we share these resources. This means we also share the responsibility of caring for them. Ducks Unlimited Canada believes in the power of cross-border conservation. By partnering with our Ducks Unlimited colleagues in the United States and Mexico, we deliver the greatest impact by aligning our conservation efforts. We recognize each country’s role in sustaining the future of wetlands across the continent.