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New Brunswick

These are places worth conserving

New Brunswick is home to sandy beaches and salt marshes brimming with life.

New Brunswick’s wetlands and coastal areas support waterfowl from as far south as the Caribbean to as far north as the sub-Arctic. They supply birds with a place to nest and raise their young. They filter water, protect our coastlines, and give people a place to connect with nature.

Our changing environment is putting wetlands at risk. Extreme weather. Rising sea levels. Urban development. Land conversion. Sixty-five per cent of wetlands in Canada’s coastal areas have been altered or destroyed. It’s time for conservation efforts that will protect the defining natural features of Canada’s east coast. These are treasures we can’t afford to lose.


Wondering if our conservation work adds up?

Our conservation footprint in New Brunswick

457 Habitat projects

57,874 Acres conserved

665 Landowner partners

Wild rice canoes
Wild rice canoes ©

Wetlands for the Wolastoq

Protecting the beauty, the bounty and the good of the Wolastoq in New Brunswick.

We are partnering with communities, government and industry to make sure that  the important, biodiverse and beautiful wetlands on the Wolastoq (Saint John River) floodplain—and the many communities they support—remain for  generations to come.

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Sea level rise

Sea level rise is a real and imminent threat to our nation’s coasts.
Our conservation work can help.

With more than 80 years of experience, our habitat conservation model now applies to Canada’s water quality and purification, biodiversity, pollination, flood mitigation, drought control, erosion prevention, sea-level rise, carbon sequestration, and climate change. See how we’re supporting our coastal community to address sea-level rise.

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