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More Than 1 Million Acres of Nature Conserved and Restored in Ontario

Ontario’s Natural Infrastructure

The need for wetland conservation to support a healthy and prosperous Ontario has never been greater.

We are the national leader in wetland conservation. Since 1974, we’ve worked in Ontario to conserve 1 million acres of wetlands and adjacent habitat such as grassland, forest or other upland habitats. Wetlands are hard-working ecosystems that deliver cleaner water, capture carbon and nutrients, and preserve and increase habitats for waterfowl and other wildlife including endangered species.

All this, while providing natural climate buffers for Ontario communities. Wetlands are a natural solution.

Researcher Elise Gabrielli carrying out field work in the Lake Erie watershed.

Wondering if our work adds up?

Our conservation footprint in Ontario

1 million Acres conserved

Since 1974

3,723 Landowner partners

Protecting vital habitat

2,002 Habitat projects

Under our care


Indigenous Peoples

Ducks Unlimited Canada respects that we in Ontario are all on lands traditionally occupied by Indigenous Peoples, who continue to shape this land today.



Paying It Forward

Join DUC director Phil Holst at Heritage Hill Farms in Wellington County to see how seventh-generation dairy farmer Mary Ann Doré is paying forward stewardship as part of her family legacy.



Wetlands at Work

We work with landowners to create or enhance wetland and grassland habitats where restoration of the landscape is most needed. Our mission is to conserve, restore and manage wetlands and adjacent habitats, which together create healthy ecosystems. Habitat conservation projects include restoration and enhancement work (i.e., grassland, small wetland excavations and small impoundments) and support for existing wetland habitats through programs such as nest boxes, agricultural Best Management Practices (BMPs) and other wetland securement tools. Read now


Habitat Restoration Services

Habitat Restoration Services

Rehabilitation projects of any size—from planning, permitting and construction to follow-up monitoring programs.

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Conservation Easements

Conservation Easements

Legal tools to help you protect the habitat on your land

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Hunting in Ontario

Hunting in Ontario

Opportunities to visit DUC properties.

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Wood Duck Nest Boxes

Wood Duck Nest Boxes

Guidance for nest box volunteers in Ontario.

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