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Wetland Centres of Excellence

Wetland Centres of Excellence (WCE) are a national network of schools and community partners that engage students in wetland conservation through action projects, student-to-student mentored field trips, and outreach in their communities.

Together, our Wetland Centres of Excellence have accomplished amazing things for conservation:

  • planted over 190,000 trees, shrubs and other plants
  • banded over 70,000 birds, sewing “calming bags” for those awaiting banding
  • built and installed waterfowl and songbird nest boxes
  • hosted over 100,000 individuals on mentored wetland field trips and public tours
  • restored and maintained wetlands in rural and urban settings
  • built bird-banding huts, boardwalks, trails, docks, wheelchair-accessible blinds and an outdoor centre\
  • created wildlife structures such as toad houses, turtle shelters and nest platforms for raptors
  • designed and installed interpretive signs
  • studied and monitored plants and animals, including a recent experiment with drones for low impact water testing
  • removed invasive species
  • produced videos and developed websites
  • shared a commitment to conservation with media and politicians
Interested in learning more about the Wetland Centre of Excellence program, please contact education@ducks.ca to learn more.

Recognized Wetland Centres of Excellence

British Columbia Wetland Centres of Excellence

  • Clarence Fulton Secondary WCE

Manitoba Wetland Centres of Excellence

New Brunswick Wetland Centres of Excellence

Newfoundland & Labrador Wetland Centres of Excellence

  • Holy Trinity High School WCE

Nova Scotia Wetland Centres of Excellence

  • Somerset Elementary School WCE

Ontario Wetland Centres of Excellence

  • Bluewater WCE
  • Cambridge WCE
  • Durham Region WCE
  • East Elgin Secondary WCE
  • Hilliardton Marsh WCE
  • Holy Trinity School WCE
  • Luther Marsh WCE
  • Ottawa WCE
  • Royal Botanical Gardens WCE
  • Sir John A. MacDonald WCE
  • Toronto WCE  – 2016 Living City Award

Quebec Wetland Centres of Excellence

Saskatchewan Wetland Centres of Excellence

  • Mossbank WCE