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Gift ideas that support conservation in 2023

Looking for a unique gift idea for friends or family?

For as little as $20, you can save enough habitat to support one duck, and feel great knowing that your gift will provide cleaner water, climate resilience and biodiversity in Canada for generations to come.

Give a Duck

Your donation of just $20 is enough to give one duck the habitat it needs to thrive.

Donate $20

Habitat for two

A generous donation of $40 will help set up the building blocks for a new brood's habitat.

Donate $40

Give a flock

Your donation of $200 can save habitat for 10 - an average clutch of mallard eggs and their hen.

Donate $200

Make a bigger impact

Giving $1000 or more will help make a major impact on ecosystems across Canada.

Donate $1000

Find the perfect gift that supports conservation in Canada

And receive a free duck call when you order from the DUC Gear™ store this holiday season!

We have thoughtful gifts ideas for any occasion. Discover a world of outdoor gear and gifts for your nature-loving friends and family that support wetland conservation. Shop now and make a difference for wetlands.

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Unique gift ideas from Ducks Unlimited Canada

How we put your gift to work.

The habitat you help save with your donation does so much more than host a single duck; it provides a better future for us all.

A $50 donation helps to:

  • Conserve an area of wetlands equal to the size of an average human home.
  • Safeguard essential habitat for hundreds of wildlife species, including wild turtles and more than 97 other species at risk.
  • Naturally filter out pollutants and retain 41,000 litres of freshwater.
  • Store five tonnes of carbon, preventing greenhouse gas emissions.
The gift of conservation: Teresa Piraino and Scott Gillingwater in front of Snake Woods Nature Preserve sign
Do something amazing for nature The habitat you help save with your donation provides a better future for us all

More symbolic gift ideas

We have more fun ways to support wetlands. Dedicate your gift donation to help conserve wetlands in Canada!

You will have the option to send an eCard or download a printable certificate to present to your recipient. You’ll also get a receipt to help you save at tax time.

Give a Home for Wild Turtles

Canada’s wild turtle species are now at risk in at least some part of their ranges. Starting at just $50, give the gift that helps conserve and restore the habitat they need—and have lost.

Help save turtles

Give a Damselfly

Nearly one-eighth of the world’s damselfly species are at risk of extinction, and habitat loss is the leading cause. Your donation translates to real, on-the-ground habitat conservation.

Give a damselfly

Celebrate your loved ones

A gift donation in celebration is a fun and unique way to honour one of life’s important milestones, whether it’s a birthday, wedding, anniversary or graduation.

Celebrate a milestone