You’re a Mallard!

You were banded last August at Oak Hammock Marsh near Winnipeg by some high school students attending an outdoor summer camp.

Your mom laid you and 11 other greenish-white eggs in May. After you hatched in June, your mother led you and your siblings to the marsh to eat. You are a dabbler duck who feeds by straining invertebrates, seeds and plants from the water with your large bill.

Last fall, after growing your new flight feathers, you migrated with your family south to the coastal wetlands in Louisiana, U.S.A. You found a mate while wintering there, and this spring you will make your own nest on the grassy roof of the Interpretive Centre building roof at Oak Hammock Marsh.

Download your certificate here to share with your friends and family.

Fast Facts:

  • a dabbling duck eats at water surface or by tipping up
  • eats seeds, plants and invertebrates
  • ancestor of nearly all domestic duck breeds
  • may nest 3 or 4 times in the spring if its nest is destroyed by a predator like a skunk or crow
  • The most abundant and widely recognized duck in the world, this “puddle duck” will nest near any tiny body of water – including a backyard swimming pool!