Wetland Heroes are young people (under 25 years of age) who make a difference by taking action to conserve and protect Canada’s wetlands. They can be individuals, classes, schools or community youth clubs or groups. No project or action is too big or too small. Every little bit a hero does helps!

Some ways to take action against wetland loss:

  • Write letters. Grade 3 students in B.C. wrote letters to politicians encouraging them to create a bird nesting area and increase protection for a wetland near a new subdivision.
  • Talk to politicians. Students from Quebec and Ontario joined Ducks Unlimited’s staff at a reception for federal politicians to share their own experiences in helping to conserve wetlands.
  • Raise money. Teenagers in Newfoundland, Alberta and Saskatchewan raised funds to help with conservation work in their provinces.
  • Enhance habitat. Girl guides in BC and Ontario built and installed wood duck nesting boxes at a local wetland.
  • Increase awareness. University students worked a public display about wetland values and sent a petition to the Minister of Conservation asking the government to enact a wetland policy.
Wetland Heroes
Wetland Hero students from Fredericton Secondary School. ©DUC

Some of our latest Wetland Heroes include youngsters who, with help from DUC’s Beausejour Committee built nest boxes and four secondary students from Fredericton Secondary School, one of our Wetland Centres of Excellence partners, who successfully developed a way to use drones for low impact water testing.

Looking for ideas or tools to help you?

Download our Taking Action guide.

How can you become a wetland hero?

Getting recognized as a Wetland Hero is easy.

Tell us about the great conservation work you’re doing to help protect wetlands. Download and complete our Wetland Hero Form or email us to let us know what you’re doing. You will be officially recognized by Ducks Unlimited Canada for your accomplishments and receive a certificate and a letter thanking you for your contributing to our efforts to conserve Canada’s wetlands.  And, we may be back in touch so that we can share your story with others!

Download Wetland Hero Form