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Kerry Edwards Celebrated as Ducks Unlimited Canada’s Alberta Volunteer of the Year

April 18, 2024 Alberta

Every Moment Matters: Shaping the Future Through Volunteering

CALGARY, AB, April 16, 2024 /CNW/ – Ducks Unlimited Canada (DUC) is proud to announce Kerry Edwards as Alberta’s Volunteer of the Year. Edwards’ dedication to conservation education and his efforts to involve the next generation have earned him this prestigious recognition.

For nearly two decades, Kerry has been instrumental in shaping the future of conservation through his work with the Lethbridge College chapter and the Youth Mentor Hunt program. His commitment to nurturing young leaders in conservation is inspiring and a testament to the theme of this year’s National Volunteer Week: “Every Moment Matters.”

Edwards’ journey with DUC began in the early ’90s, fueled by a childhood fascination with wildlife and wetland conservation. Recognizing the importance of engaging youth, he spearheaded the establishment of a DUC chapter at Lethbridge College, which has since engaged over 600 students in conservation efforts.

“As a kid, my brother-in-law’s family were big DUC supporters,” he says. “His dad would always show me the DU Magazines back in the 70s and that was the initial spark for me.” That spark helped launch a lifelong love of conservation that has turned into a passionate drive to bring more young people to the table — and this is just part of the reason why Kerry is receiving DUC’s volunteer of the year award for Alberta.

The Youth Mentor Hunt program, another of Edwards’ initiatives, has introduced over 300 students to sustainable hunting practices and the critical role of conservation. These programs underscore the importance of hands-on experience in fostering a lifelong commitment to conservation among young Canadians.

“We’ve operated every year since 2007 except one at the height of the pandemic,” says Kerry. “This is significant as over 300 students have now had that experience. Many of whom have become mentors themselves.”

Throughout his 33 years of volunteering, Kerry has shown the kind of dedication and passion that is exemplified by this award. “It’s a very humbling honor. So many others have helped me get to this point and without the students and their energy it probably wouldn’t have happened. I feel that together we have made the Lethbridge College Chapter a respected and valued one within DUC.”

Become a volunteer: Inspired by Kerry Edwards’s work? Join the ranks of dedicated volunteers like Kerry and help us conserve Canada’s precious wetlands. Visit DUC for more information on how you can contribute. Also, don’t miss the chance to participate in DUC’s “Duck and Run” event this June. Every moment you contribute makes a difference.

As DUC continues to lead in the creation and preservation of urban wetlands, its efforts exemplify the power of community in conservation. DUC calls on individuals, businesses, and policymakers to support these vital initiatives.

Inspired by Kerry’s impact? There are many ways to get involved. Every moment matters, together, we can make a difference

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