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DUC’s position on various proposals in Ontario’s Housing Supply Action Plan 2022-23.

December 22, 2022 Ontario

On October 25, 2022, the Government of Ontario introduced Ontario’s Housing Supply Action Plan which included the Bill 23, More Homes Built Faster Act, 2022.  This bill is complex and touches on many areas of legislation and policy including:

  • changes to the Conservation Authority Act, which would affect how Ontario’s 36 conservation authorities regulate development activities within municipalities, improving consistency in policies and processes which reduce the impacts of flooding and natural hazards.

DUC has submitted comments to the Standing Committee and to the posting on the ERO which can be found below. The Bill passed on November 28 with only minor amendments unrelated to proposed changes to the CA Act.

Other proposals that affect wetlands in Ontario’s Housing Supply Action Plan 2022-23 include:

DUC submissions

Due to the complexity and interlinkages between many of these proposals, DUC will continue to address and provide comments on each component individually. As submissions are posted, we will continue to share them below.

DUC recognizes the importance of providing attainable housing in Ontario and appreciates aspects of the bill that will ensure greater attention to intensification which in return should help to reduce urban sprawl. DUC’s focus in the discourse around attainable housing is to reinforce the critical role of natural infrastructure in planning decisions and ensure the ongoing conservation and restoration of wetlands across Ontario.

Natural systems like wetlands provide critical wildlife habitat while delivering services to our communities including climate resilience and water quality improvements. DUC will always prioritize positive conservation outcomes but believes it is possible to balance the needs of growing communities with the goal of net ecological gains.

Ducks Unlimited Canada’s partnership with Conservation Authorities
DUC values Ontario conservation authorities for their role in flood management, watershed management and their invaluable landowner stewardship work. We are proud to work in partnership with many conservation authorities that share our commitment to restoring wetland habitats.

Ducks Unlimited Canada’s partnership with the Province of Ontario
DUC has a long history of working with the provincial government to advance wetland conservation. We are committed to working with the province to ensure that proposed changes to do not result in increased wetland loss for Ontario.