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DUC Celebrates Lorne Scott as Saskatchewan Volunteer of the Year

April 18, 2024 Saskatchewan

Every Moment Matters: Shaping the Future Through Volunteering

REGINA, SK, April 16, 2024 /CNW/ – Ducks Unlimited Canada (DUC) proudly announces Lorne Scott as the Saskatchewan Volunteer of the Year, recognizing over five decades of his unwavering dedication to environmental conservation and wildlife habitat restoration.

Lorne’s impact has been felt everywhere from Saskatchewan’s environmental policies to the local conservation and restoration of natural habitats. Despite all of that, he always comes back to the moments of shared human connection. “The best part of this journey has been working with a diverse number of volunteers and great DU staff over the years,” he says.

From his early days growing up on a small farm near Indian Head to his tenure as a provincial minister and his extensive work with conservation organizations, Scott has embodied the spirit of conservation. His collaboration with DUC began in 1966, marking a journey of significant contributions through hands-on work and leadership within the Saskatchewan community.

Scott’s dedication to conservation over these five decades, from hands-on habitat restoration to securing vital conservation easements, embodies the spirit of commitment that drives DUC. We are profoundly grateful for his enduring impact and for his role in inspiring future generations.

His efforts, from setting up thousands of bluebird nest boxes to securing conservation easements that protect vital wetlands, demonstrate a lifelong commitment to preserving Saskatchewan’s natural beauty and biodiversity. His ability to engage the community and inspire new generations of conservationists underscores the theme of National Volunteer Week: “Every moment matters.”

“There have been so many good interactions with a variety of people at both small and large DUC events,” he says. “A couple of months ago, a young staffer and I were able to secure a Conservation Easement with an older couple on 500 acres of native wetlands, aspen and grasslands. A great feeling of success for all involved.”

When asked what DUC’s volunteer of the year award means to him, Lorne’s response is delightfully practical. “It’s very humbling and not expected as I was only doing what I should be doing. We have a lot more work to do. Securing one wetland is great but we’re still losing wetlands elsewhere. It’s better to save a little than lose it all, and that’s why we need to bring more people from all walks of life into our circle.”

Become a volunteer: Inspired by Lorne Scott’s work? Join the ranks of dedicated volunteers like Lorne and help us conserve Canada’s precious wetlands. Visit DUC for more information on how you can contribute. Also, don’t miss the chance to participate in DUC’s “Duck and Run” event this June. Every moment you contribute makes a difference.

As DUC continues to lead in the creation and preservation of urban wetlands, its efforts exemplify the power of community in conservation. DUC calls on individuals, businesses, and policymakers to support these vital initiatives.

Inspired by Lorne’s impact? There are many ways to get involved, including our upcoming “Duck and Run” event. Every moment matters, together, we can make a difference.

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