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Hilliardton Marsh Provincial Wildlife Area

Hilliardton Marsh Provincial Wildlife Area
Observe nature and learn about wetlands at a DUC project or wetland interpretive centre. © DUC

Explore nature at the 1800 acre provincially significant Hilliardton Marsh Provincial Wildlife Area, located in Northeastern Ontario, 180 kms north of North Bay, 15 kms southeast of Englehart. Home to over 600 species of waterfowl, songbirds, mammals, fish and plant life, Hilliardton Marsh is continentally significant for waterfowl migrating to and from the James Bay and Hudson Bay lowlands.

Prior to our restoration of the marsh, the landscape was dry and provided virtually no habitat for waterfowl or other wetland-dependent species. With more than 550 total acres of wetlands in an area that had lost 85% of its original wetland habitat, Hilliardton now offers:

  • a diverse shallow water marsh with lots of wetland-loving plant life
  • managed upland nesting cover that is used by mallard and blue-winged teal
    nest boxes installed to supplement natural cavities for nesting wood duck, common goldeneye, and hooded merganser.
  • a mixture of warm season tall grass prairie and native grasses that are used as nesting cover by
  • a variety of upland nesting birds
  • a wide variety of wildlife can now be found throughout the marsh and the surrounding upland areas.

Hilliardton Marsh also serves as an outdoor classroom where elementary and high school students and the general public have the opportunity to learn the value of wetlands. The facility also provides a year-round destination for a variety of outdoor enthusiasts. Hiking trails, boardwalk with wildlife viewing stations and interpretive signage provides a highly visible attraction that promotes the natural values, importance and functions of wetlands.

Learn more at themarsh.ca.