Grazing Clubs

(Offered in Manitoba)

For over 20 years, DUC grazing clubs have brought Manitoba livestock producers together to make their farms more profitable and sustainable.

Clubs hold informal meetings to learn from local farmers, researchers and international experts including Gabe Brown, Ray Archuleta, Dr. Allen Williams, Steve Kenyon and Dr. Christine Jones. Pasture tours provide hands-on exposure to new forages, intercropping, high stock density grazing, livestock watering systems and pasture management techniques.

The clubs can also help members with DUC financial incentives for growing forage, increasing production in marginal crop areas and upgrading fencing and watering system on pastures and rangelands.

Join the club!

Mike Thiele has been coordinating Manitoba’s grazing clubs since 2005 and is recognized as one of Manitoba’s leading authorities on sustainable agriculture.

Membership is free and new members are always welcome!

For more information or to receive notices about upcoming events, contact:

Michael Thiele