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A passion for science and waterfowl

Zane Zondervan joins DUC as the newest member of our conservation program specialist team

June 10, 2020
DUC conservation program specialist Zane Zondervan in the field surveying ducks.
DUC conservation program specialist Zane Zondervan in the field surveying ducks. © DUC

At DUC, our work focuses on science-based solutions. We are fortunate to draw some of the best and brightest in the field of conservation.

That continues as we welcome Zane Zondervan as the newest member of the team. Zane is a conservation program specialist with our habitat asset management division and now lives in Williams Lake.

Katharine VanSpall, head of habitat asset management for DUC in B.C. says Zane’s primary role will be to inspect, operate and maintain our hundreds of projects in the province’s Interior.

“Thankfully he is bringing to the job a unique mixture of skills that will serve him well in this daunting task,” says VanSpall. “He’s handy with equipment, works hard and also has a passion for waterfowl like no one else I’ve met!”

A passion for waterfowl

Zane grew up in Gooderham, Ont. and completed his bachelor of science degree in wildlife biology and conservation at the University of Guelph. After leaving Guelph, Zane recently completed a master of science degree in ecological restoration from Simon Fraser University and British Columbia Institute of Technology. He was also an intern working for DUC in the summer of 2019.

“I grew up experiencing the outdoors and nature through hunting, fishing, and trapping,” says Zane, who spent much of his youth duck hunting with his father. “Wildlife always intrigued me, but waterfowl has always been the one I find most interesting, whether it’s observing or interacting.”

He says his introduction to DUC started at a young age and help lead him to a path of choosing a career in conservation.

“I built my base knowledge of biology during my undergrad, with a focus on ecology. Then I focused my graduate research on wetland restoration with the idea being that I would develop knowledge and skills that would allow me to one day join in the awesome work that DUC does. And now, here I am.”

When Zane’s not working, he focuses on “hanging out with my wonderful wife Mikale and our dog Ember.” He says he also enjoys walks through the neighbourhood, road trips to lakes for fishing and swimming, and, of course, duck hunting.

Welcome to Zane and his family as we add our newest member to the flock.