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Delivering sustainable business solutions

Powerland grows its commitment to the environment through partnership with DUC

October 23, 2019
DUC’s tech partner, Powerland, provides important computer and printing systems that power our conservation work.
DUC’s tech partner, Powerland, provides important computer and printing systems that power our conservation work. © DUC

At DUC’s national office at Oak Hammock Marsh in Manitoba, a GIS specialist is printing a copy of a sophisticated new map that will guide conservation efforts across the province. Hundreds of kilometers away, another DUC staffer is opening her laptop to record habitat conditions while visiting a newly restored wetland. Both activities will enhance the health of the country’s land, water and wildlife. Both depend on quality technology products from Powerland.

Powerland is one of Canada’s leading and fastest growing IT infrastructure providers. In addition to equipping DUC offices nation wide with high-tech printers and computer products, Powerland is committed to working sustainably and decreasing its environmental impact.

“As a conservation charity, we strive to work with business partners who share our vision for sustainability,” say Raj Perumal, chief information officer for DUC. “Powerland provides us with excellent service and energy-efficient solutions like HP PageWide Technology. Plus, through philanthropic giving, they are making a difference for conservation and communities across Canada.”

In today’s world, delivering successful conservation demands greater reliance on technology and technological innovation. From developing state-of-the-art wetland monitoring systems, to investing in new business systems, DUC is embracing technology as a fundamental part of its business. Inspired by the initiatives that DUC is delivering, Powerland made a $50,000 donation that will help further DUC’s mission.

“We’re extremely impressed by the new paths DUC is forging using technology,” says Ashley Penner chief executive officer of Powerland . “Knowing that our products are playing a role in advancing wetland conservation across the country is a great source of pride and aligns with our corporate commitment to environmental stewardship.”

Powerland’s generous gift will help DUC remain at the forefront of science, technology, education and on-the-ground habitat conservation programs.

“Powerland is setting new standards in environmental sustainability in the technological sector,” says Perumal. “Our partnership is built on a shared commitment to making sustainable choices in business and everyday life.”