Sharon and Merlin Dow honoured as DUC's Volunteers of the Year for New Brunswick — Ducks Unlimited Canada
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Sharon and Merlin Dow honoured as DUC’s Volunteers of the Year for New Brunswick

Five years ago, Sharon and Merlin Dow retired and relocated to the Woodstock, N.B. area. It wasn’t long before they were approached by a former DUC committee member to get involved. Both outdoors-enthusiasts, the Dows liked what DUC represented and decided to dive in.

April 24, 2017
Sharon and Merlin Dow honoured as DUC’s Volunteers of the Year for New Brunswick
Sharon and Merlin Dow, DUC Volunteers of the Year for New Brunswick. ©DUC

“We are pleased to have the opportunity to give back to the area and play a part in promoting wetland conservation,” says Merlin. “More Canadians should get involved with conservation. It’s a great way to enjoy the outdoors while helping the environment.”

Part of Merlin’s volunteer work includes placing nest boxes around Williamstown Lake. His proudest volunteer moment was when he took a lead role in getting the DUC Monument on the Williamstown Lake successfully restored.

“The monument marks the first DUC site in Atlantic Canada,” says Merlin. “The project drew a lot of attention to the area, specifically to DUC.”

Sharon has fulfilled roles as assistant treasurer, assistant chair and ticket sales chair. She now chairs the Headpond Chapter and coordinates ticket sales.

“I look forward to the fundraising dinners, and each year I strive to make the dinner bigger and better than the year before,” says Sharon. “Volunteers need to be committed and have the drive to achieve goals. They also need to be outgoing and personable.”

Sharon practices what she preaches: of the 154 tickets sold by their committee in 2016, she sold 99 of them.

“Our goal as volunteers is to foster a greater understanding for wetland conservation, bring attention to DUC and also to attend other dinners,” says Sharon. “We would like to see educational Webfoot Projects to expand into our area.”

Both Dows agree the most important aspect of DUC’s work is to educate people about how to balance everyday life with conservation.

“Our ideal vision for conservation is to see people become more responsible for Nature and Mother Earth,” says Merlin. “We want to see a balance between progress and responsibility and stewardship for wetlands.”