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Why do you support conservation?

Tell us what inspires you to support conservation and we’ll enter your name to win a limited-edition DUC Gear™ YETI water bottle.

A winner will be drawn every three months.

We believe the need for nature connects all people. Our strength comes from working together, partnering with all who care about the landscape. Every member of our conservation community has a unique, personal connection to our mission— and we’re extremely grateful for the many generous ways you give.

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Here’s what some DUC supporters are saying

Judy's quote
“I have always been a conservation supporter… I always try to put my money towards things that will help our planet and other species. I am also a long-time birder and have spent many wonderful hours at a DUC wetland observing the birds that gather there.”
Brent's quote
“My kids and I spend a lot of time outdoors. I support conservation because I want them to be able to enjoy nature for all of their lives and to have a green environment.”
Nyna's quote
“We give to Ducks Unlimited Canada as we believe in their philosophy…We are retired educators and have always believed in learning about and teaching others the importance of conservation.”
Ted's quote
“For most of us, the inspiration triggering our conservation interests would be unique and come early in life. In my case, I vividly recall the excitement that rushed over me when my father and his chum returned home with ducks in hand after a morning hunt at Delta Marsh… The culmination of those experiences—along with many more—would blossom into a gratifying 20-year career with the Manitoba Wildlife Branch.”
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