Since the first Ducks Unlimited Canada project in 1938, our people have led the way in wetland conservation.

Ducks Unlimited Canada is guided by an elected board of directors, who contribute a broad range of expertise. They work with staff to engage the passion and talents of supporters and partners across the country. Everyone involved with DUC, from our president to an event volunteer, plays an important role in our conservation success.

Good Governance

We strive for good governance by demonstrating best practices, accountability and transparency in everything we do. Our annual reports and financial statements outline recent conservation activities and describe how your supporter dollars make a difference.

We also encourage you to speak up about your concerns. Our Whistle Blower Policy makes it easy to come forward in confidence with questions about our financial and operational activities.

Board of Directors

Officers of the Board

Malcolm M. “Mac” Dunfield

Chairman of the Board

James E. “Jim” Couch


David C. Blom


Kevin Harris


Gregory Weeks


Grady Hartzog


Karla Guyn

Chief Executive Officer

Board of Directors

British Columbia

  • Robert G. Clark
  • Julius DeBaar
  • Winifred Kessler
  • Ray Maher
  • Wayne Pritchard
  • Greg Sawchuck
  • Nancy Wilkin


  • David C. Blom
  • David McCoy
  • Travis G. Peckham
  • Kevin Rome


  • James E. Couch
  • John Eagle
  • Bryan Leverick
  • James McHattie


  • Karla Guyn
  • Robert Kozminski
  • Kevin McFadden
  • Patrick O’Connor
  • James A. Richardson


  • Jackie Down
  • Philip Holst
  • Leslie Noble
  • Gregory Weeks
  • Tom Worden


  • Roger d’Eschambault
  • James Madon

New Brunswick

  • Malcolm M. “Mac” Dunfield
  • Shawn Graham
  • Kevin Harris

Nova Scotia

  • Grenville Jones
  • Ray Scoggins

Prince Edward Island

  • Robert Ghiz

American Directors

  • Paul R. Bonderson, Jr.
  • George Dunklin
  • Douglas T. Federighi
  • Jerry Harris
  • Grady Hartzog, Jr.
  • Robert S. Hester
  • Rogers Hoyt,  Jr.
  • James Konkel
  • Monty Lewis
  • Joseph G. Mazon
  • Mickey McMillin
  • Joseph Nicosia
  • Clay Rogers
  • Gary Salmon
  • John Tomke
  • Mike Woodward

Honorary Directors

  • Mel F. Belich, Q.C.
  • Peter D. Carton
  • C. Neil Downey
  • John C. Eaton
  • Jack H. Hole
  • Arthur L. Irving
  • Duncan M. Jessiman
  • John D. McDiarmid
  • John R. Messer
  • George C. Reifel
  • Duncan W. Sinclair
  • William G. Turnbull
  • G. Tod Wright

Directors Emeriti

  • Murray Bercovich
  • Richard A.N. Bonnycastle
  • Duncan Campbell
  • Hugh D. Fairn
  • Ross E. Gage
  • Ronald J. Hicks
  • R. Timothy Kenny
  • D. Gavin Koyl
  • H. Graham LeBourveau, FCA
  • W. Bruce Lewis
  • James D. MacDonald
  • Barry H. Martin
  • G. David Richardson
  • Roland E. Rivalin, Q.C.
  • Gilles Rivard, Q.C.
  • Mauri M. Rutherford
  • Terry Sparks
  • Fred Wagman
  • Julius Wall
  • W. John D. Woodward

Executive Vice-President Emeritus

  • Stewart Morrison

Executive staff

  • Karla GuynChief Executive Officer
  • James A. (Jamie) FortuneChief Fundraising Officer
  • Gary GoodwinExecutive Corporate Secretary and Counsel
  • Linda MonfortonNational Director Human Resources
  • Marcy SullivanChief Financial Officer