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2021 Annual Report: United in Conservation

United in Conservation

The need for nature connects all people.

Nature is what keeps us healthy and happy. It’s what keeps our communities safe and economy successful. But nature — including precious wetland habitat — is being pushed beyond its limits. Fortunately, DUC knows exactly what we’re up against. Drawing upon our strengths, and those of our fervent conservation community, we’re a force that’s gaining ground.

United in Conservation

Nationwide conservation results

11,826 Habitat projects

6.6 million Acres conserved

(including 3.4 million acres restored)

195.2 million Acres influenced

Our Impact

Our work for Canada’s wetlands and waterfowl is working.

We know this because we’re committed to measuring what matters and calculating the impact of our conservation efforts in tangible ways. Whether it’s putting more ducks in the sky or dollars in your pocket, the value of Ducks Unlimited Canada’s conservation work is manifested in many important ways that every Canadian can count on.

  • Climate Regulation $1.65 BILLION

    Storing and sequestering carbon through soils and plants
  • Water Supply - $1.54 BILLION

    Supplying water for drinking and use by agriculture and industry
  • Water Purification - $1.01 BILLION

    Treating and purifying water by absorbing pollutants
  • Pollination - $478 MILLION

    Providing habitat for native bees, butterflies and other pollinators
  • Regulation of water flow - $318 MILLION

    Controlling how water moves across landscapes
  • Biodiversity $106 MILLION

    Maintaining habitat that supports a host of living things
  • Food $106 MILLION

    Providing sources of food like fish, game and fruit
  • Biological Control $53 MILLION

    Supporting plants and organisms that provide pest and disease control
  • Erosion Prevention $53 MILLION

    Stopping the wearing away of soil


Supporting struggling wildlife populations starts with conserving Canada’s wetlands.

Wetlands are biodiversity hotspots where more than 550 species of wildlife find food, seek shelter and raise their young. Ensuring this habitat exists is even more critical for the 97 creatures that rely on wetlands and are identified as species at risk.

In the face of dire biodiversity losses, our projects are helping to pull populations back from the brink.

Wetland species Species at risk supported by wetlands

Our conservation community

At Ducks Unlimited Canada, we believe the need for nature connects all people.

Our strength comes from working together, partnering with all who care about the landscape. Every member of our conservation community has a unique, personal connection to our mission — and we’re extremely grateful for the many generous ways they give.


During the most challenging year in DUC history, our supporters stood by us. The steadfast commitment of more than 60,000 passionate people sustained us and provided both the foundation and inspiration to forge on. Armed with their trust, generosity and confidence, we rallied to achieve great things for conservation.
Feathers in our cap

These special groups of DUC supporters fill us with hope and pride for the future. Each represents different ways of taking action and making a difference:

  • 4,294 volunteers continued raising funds and awareness for wetland conservation, freely sharing their time and talents.
  • 18,894 landowners protected vital habitat on their property, providing the space and stewardship that’s critical to our mission.
  • 2,922 major donors stepped up with significant gifts, making generous financial commitments.
  • 339 Feather Society members made DUC part of their living legacies through a planned gift.
  • 4,011 students and teachers learned more about wetlands and engaged in their own activities to support conservation.
  • 359 staff members adapted to new ways of working and went above and beyond to ensure we met our goals.


We continue building relationships with hundreds of thousands of Canadians who are learning more about DUC and our wetland conservation mission. Whether it was visiting our interpretive centres, engaging on our social media channels or accessing our news and educational resources, people are keen to explore how wetlands contribute to their lives. Over the past year, we made more than 200,000 connections with people we're proud to consider our supporters of tomorrow.

Nature is diverse. So are we.

When nature is diverse, the Earth thrives. When our organization is diverse, people thrive. That’s why Ducks Unlimited Canada is building a culture where everyone is welcome. We believe a variety of cultures, identities and beliefs enriches our environment. We believe innovation is enhanced through diversity and inclusion, and this in turn allows all of us to grow and prosper. We commit to making Ducks Unlimited Canada a place of belonging for all people, united in conservation.


Making the most of every charitable dollar is a responsibility we take seriously.

That’s why Ducks Unlimited Canada is committed to upholding the highest standards of accountability, transparency and trust. By directing funds in ways that produce the greatest conservation impact, every donor can take pride in knowing that they’re making a difference in their backyard — and beyond.

Our goal is to invest 80 per cent of our expenditures in habitat conservation annually. In the 2021 fiscal year, Ducks Unlimited Canada invested 90 per cent in habitat conservation.

USES OF FUNDS (Millions) 2021 Goals 2021 Results 2020 Results 2019 Results
(Includes capitalized land purchases)
83% investment
90% investment
82% investment
81% investment


Ducks Unlimited Canada is planning to realize $104 million in gross revenue.

SOURCES OF REVENUE (Millions) 2021 2020 2019
Government Grants $43.3$42.1$39.3
Fundraising Revenue*$8.1$15.7$17.3
Program Revenue$21.0$20.0$14.9
Non-Government Partnerships$16.0$10.1$11.1
Investment Income (Loss)$32.6($7.1)$13.4
* Includes gift-in-kind donations. DUC also leveraged lines of credit for our Revolving Land Conservation Program of $13.3 million in 2021, $13.6 million in 2020 and $19.3 million in 2019.
Research team conducting electrofishing at Delta Marsh.