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Paddling through 85 years of conservation history

Support Ducks Unlimited Canada President Roger d’Eschambault on his journey to explore North American wetland conservation.
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Roger’s Canoe Quest

This fall, Roger is embarking on a personal quest to canoe the wetlands and waterways of Manitoba. He’s exploring iconic sites like Big Grass Marsh — the birthplace of North American wetland conservation — to raise awareness and funds to support our wetland conservation work.

Roger’s passion for conservation is fueled by the landscapes he loves to explore. Canada’s wetlands remain his most cherished places, and compelling points of connection.

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Shoring up support for wetlands

Wetlands are incredible ecosystems that need our help. Many have already been lost and more are destroyed every day. By supporting Roger’s paddling journey, you’re helping to:

  • Make Canada’s lakes and beaches clean and healthy.
  • Secure the future of more than 550 species of wildlife that rely on Canada’s wetlands.
  • Safeguard the habitats where 70% of all North American waterfowl breed.
  • Shield your community from extreme weather and reduce the severity of flooding and drought.

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Canoe floating in a wetland
Did you know? The Lake Winnipeg watershed is the second largest watershed in Canada and includes parts of four provinces and four U.S. states. The Lake Winnipeg drainage basin is nearly 1,000,000 km2 in size and is home to more than 7 million people.

Unlimited Together

Donate $85 to support Roger’s effort to paddle through some of Manitoba’s most storied wetlands to mark our 85th anniversary milestone!

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