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Auction and Raffles

Do you miss us? We sure miss you!

While it’s still too early to meet in person to support conservation, you can now get back to the excitement of bidding on your favourite DUC-branded merchandise and playing in our 50/50 raffles—now available online.

Auction Name Auction Date

Aylmer & St. Thomas Volunteer Fundraising Committee ATV Raffle

The winner will have their choice of 1 of 3 KUBOTA RTV with an estimated retail value $22,000.
Tickets cannot be purchased by, for or on behalf of persons under 18; tickets may only be sold in/from the Province of Ontario.

April 1st, 2021 - October 6th, 2021 Enter to win

Looking for the Sealed Bid Auction? You won’t find it here, But you will…at an easel near you!

And you’ll be able do it in person and see the artwork up close!If you are a new or returning visitor to our online sealed bid auction page on our website, you’ll notice that this option is no longer available. But thanks to our new partnership with Funding Innovation, you can still enjoy the experience of placing a bid on your favourite artwork in support of DUC’s conservation work.

You can now find and bid on the same nature-inspired artwork you’ve come to enjoy on our website—along with an expanded lineup of sports and music collectibles—on Funding Innovation’s easel sites hosted at businesses in high-profile locations throughout Canada.

Our partnership with Funding Innovation means exciting, new ways for you to support DUC. Most importantly, it ensures a zero-risk, long-term, sustainable source of funding to use towards our most urgent conservation priorities. Funding Innovation ensures no less than 70 per cent of net proceeds goes to DUC.
DUC Auction Art

For more information, contact Funding Innovation, email or call toll-free 1-888-881-5044.

Thank you for your support of DUC.