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How your support makes a difference

When you donate to or fundraise for Ducks Unlimited Canada, you help us save some of Canada’s most important—and most threatened—habitat.

Making a real difference for Canadians

Ducks Unlimited Canada is conserving and restoring wetlands—more wetlands than any other organization in Canada.

When you donate or fundraise for DUC, you help us save some of Canada’s most important—and most threatened—habitat. Wetlands are scientifically proven to:

  • Help clean our water, by filtering out pollutants.
  • Protect our communities, by mitigating the effects of flooding, drought and erosion.
  • Benefit our climate, by capturing and storing carbon.
  • Safeguard wildlife, by providing vital habitat for hundreds of species, including species at risk.

Wetlands are also incredible places to explore and enjoy nature. But these important ecosystems continued to be destroyed every day, all across Canada.

Clark Island project, Ontario.

Nationwide conservation results (Cumulative; as of March 31, 2023)

The progress we’ve made over the past 85 years adds up, and we continue striving to create the kind of large, landscape-level impact that’s needed to ensure the future health of our water, wildlife and communities.

12,972 Habitat projects

9.1 million Acres conserved

(Including 4.6 million acres restored)

222.9 Acres influenced

How Ducks Unlimited Canada is saving Canada’s wetlands

With help from people like you, we are leading wetland conservation in Canada by:

  • Restoring habitat in critical areas, where wetlands have been lost.
  • Conserving habitat where it still exists, by partnering with landowners, communities and municipalities to safeguard habitat long-term.
  • Protecting Canada’s intact forests, by helping to establish large protected areas like Thaidene Nëné.
  • Advancing sustainability in working landscapes, by partnering with industries to establish environmental best practices for working with our land and water.
  • Advancing science and leading research to help maximize our conservation impact.
  • Educating the next generation to care about nature and the benefits of green infrastructure, through our Canada-wide network of Wetland Centres of Excellence.
Wetland field trip

Your gift is used wisely

Our goal is to invest 80% of our expenditures in habitat conservation annually.

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