You’re a Green-winged teal!


You were banded by a Conservation Officer near the Rupert River, in the North of Quebec, one summer.

Your parents arrived here in the spring to nest. After mating, your mom laid you and seven other creamy-white eggs on the ground in a nest hidden by thick grass. Soon after hatching, you followed your mom to look for food at the beaver pond – a type of wetland. You loved to eat small invertebrates, seeds and plants from along the water’s surface.

Once you’d grown your flight feathers it was time to migrate south. Each year, you winter in Massachusetts, U.S.A.

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Fast Facts:

  • a dabbling duck that feeds at water surface or by tipping up
  • smallest dabbling duck in North America
  • because they nest in remote northern habitats, green-winged teal numbers continue to be healthy