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Project Webfoot

Ducks Unlimited Canada has a proud history of educating youth about wetlands.

Project Webfoot has been one of the programs we’ve used to accomplish this, by providing elementary schools with such resources as classroom kits and field trips. And the learning has flowed both ways.

Over the years, our network of Project Webfoot educators has shown us how their teaching tools are continuously evolving. And in the eyes of our Webfoot students, we’ve seen the incredible potential these new tools can unleash.

In order to honour that potential, DUC is exploring new learning tools for elementary-level students and educators. Although we will no longer be providing these tools through the Project Webfoot program, we’ve posted some of the program’s best wetland-related activities on our website, including a How to Deliver a Wetland Field Trip manual for educators. Additional resources are in development, so please check back to our Wetland Activities webpage in the future to see the latest.