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Celebrating Chuck MacInnes, DUC’s National Volunteer of the Year and Nova Scotia Volunteer of the Year

April 18, 2024 National Nova Scotia

Every Moment Matters: Shaping the Future Through Volunteering

HALIFAX, NS, April 17, 2024 /CNW/ – Ducks Unlimited Canada (DUC) is delighted to announce Chuck MacInnes as the National Volunteer of the Year and the Provincial Volunteer of the Year for Nova Scotia. With a remarkable 35-year volunteering tenure, Chuck has set an exemplary standard of commitment and passion towards wetland conservation and environmental education.

“The reward is in the work,” MacInnes says. “It’s not all fun and games but when you can see what you’ve helped bring to fruition, giving youth opportunities to learn or meeting people at a volunteer dinner, that’s gratifying. That’s worth it.”

Chuck has been a vital part of the Amherst DUC fundraising committee, where his efforts have propelled the team to achieve record-setting fundraising and event attendance figures in the Maritimes.

MacInnes wants to get people outside. “If they learn a little bit more about what we do, then they can have a better respect for what’s out there in the wetlands… That’s the really good part—when people come up to me after visiting some of these places and say that they had no idea what was outside their front door. They started to explore.”

A dedicated advocate for the Missaquash Marsh, Chuck’s passion extends to active educational outreach in teaching elementary students about the importance of wetlands. His retriever demonstrations have not only educated but also inspired students, fostering a deeper connection with nature.

“One of the highlights is definitely the kids,” he says. “I was asked to do retriever demonstrations and the youngsters were astounded by how a dog can help with hunting. Seeing that made me really proud.”

His leadership in launching new educational programs has significantly increased community engagement and support for DUC’s mission across Atlantic Canada.

When asked what this award means to him, MacInnes takes a moment before answering. “It’s quite humbling, really. Being in the company of the people who have won in the past, and all those who were probably nominated this year,” he says. “Everybody I know across the Maritime provinces all believe the same things and represent Ducks amazingly. They’re all worthy. Knowing that they, my peers, put me forward for this… well that’s something special.”

There are approximately 160 DUC volunteers in Nova Scotia and 3,500 across Canada. DUC is proud to recognize each of them—including outstanding leaders like Chuck MacInnes—as volunteer champions and conservationists who make every moment matter by serving with generosity, passion and dedication.

As we celebrate Chuck’s achievements, we encourage others to join the ranks of DUC volunteers. Volunteering with DUC is an opportunity to make a tangible impact on our natural environment and contribute to vital conservation efforts. Visit our volunteer page to learn more and become part of a community that values and protects our natural heritage.

Become a volunteer: Inspired by Chuck MacInnes’s work? Join the ranks of dedicated volunteers like Chuck and help us conserve Canada’s precious wetlands. Visit DUC for more information on how you can contribute.

As DUC continues to lead in the creation and preservation of urban wetlands, its efforts exemplify the power of community in conservation. DUC calls on individuals, businesses, and policymakers to support these vital initiatives.

Inspired by Chuck’s impact? There are many ways to get involved, including our upcoming “Duck and Run” event. Every moment matters, together, we can make a difference.

For more information on DUC’s conservation projects and how you can contribute, visit ducks.ca (https://www.ducks.ca).

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