Tantramar Regional High School wins DUC’s Climate-Action Challenge

February 26, 2018 New Brunswick Provincial
Tantramar Regional High School wins DUC’s Climate-Action Challenge

Ducks Unlimited Canada (DUC) is excited to announce the winner of its first-ever high school climate-action challenge is Tantramar Regional High School (TRHS) for their proposal to build a small off-grid, solar-powered education building. The seven students from TRHS’s Tantramar Wetlands Centre who proposed the project envision this building as a place where the others can learn about sustainable energy and become inspired to take action against climate change locally. With support from New Brunswick’s Environmental Trust Fund, DUC will be awarding the school $5,000 to implement the project this spring.

DUC is also congratulating Fredericton High School and Bathurst High School for their second- and third-place wins. Students at Fredericton High proposed building an outdoor classroom where students can get out of their indoor environment and connect with nature while learning. They’ll receive $2,000 to implement this project. Finally, students at Bathurst High proposed creating a school-wide reusable-water bottle program to help reduce plastic waste at their school. They’ll be receiving $1,000 for this initiative.

DUC’s high-school climate-action challenge began last October with a workshop at the Ducks Unlimited Conservation Centre in Fredericton. Students from each of DUC’s designated Wetland Centres of Excellence in New Brunswick travelled from across the province to learn about the effects of climate change, how wetlands can help mitigate its effects, and how people can make a difference by taking action. To find out more about that workshop and the challenge, click here: http://www.ducks.ca/stories/atlantic/students-take-action-climate-change/

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