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Conservation Partnership: DUC teams up with Port Morien Wildlife Association to protect 122 acres of land in Black Brook, Cape Breton

November 09, 2020 Nova Scotia Provincial
This bog sits between Morrison Lake and the surrounding upland.
This bog sits between Morrison Lake and the surrounding upland. © Adam Campbell, DUC

Black Brook, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia – Ducks Unlimited Canada (DUC) has accepted a land donation in Black Brook, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia thanks to the generosity of four landowners. The property is located along Morrison Lake and contains a mix of wetland and forested habitat. Conserving this important area is now a shared effort with the Port Morien Wildlife Association (PMWA).

DUC met with PMWA and one of the landowners last year to discuss the land donation as well as the idea of partnering with PMWA on the future management of the property.

“It was a win for all parties involved. We could accept the land donation, being a non-profit charitable organization, and Port Morien Wildlife Association could utilize the property for conservation outreach activities and help us maintain it,” says Lee Millett, conservation programs specialist with DUC.

“We wanted to see the land protected into the future, so we contacted Ducks Unlimited Canada about the donation. We worked with Ducks Unlimited staff on other projects and share their passion in conserving wetlands for waterfowl, other wildlife and people,” says Jeff McNeil, president of PMWA.

The treed swamp and riparian wetland on the lakeside property provide important habitat for waterfowl and a variety of bird species.

Once the land was acquired by DUC, Port Morien Management Association signed a long-term management agreement that grants the association access to the property for low-impact recreational activities such as youth fishing derbies and bird watching.

“DUC recognizes the importance of having local stakeholders on the ground to monitor the property and ensure its protection into the future,” says Millett.

Funding to accept the land donation was obtained through the Province of Nova Scotia’s Challenge Fund project and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

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