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Our Work

Native Plant Solutions

Native Plant Solutions draws on more than 80 years of knowledge and experience to create natural and sustainable landscapes.

Native Plant Solutions is the consulting branch of DUC. We provide science-based solutions for wetland and upland ecosystems across Canada. Our full-service approach offers an exceptional return on investment to a wide range of clients.

Work offered by Native Plant Solutions

  • Naturalized stormwater systems
  • Native grasslands
  • Remediation and reclamation of altered landscapes
  • Riparian zone restoration
  • Green roofs
  • Treatment wetland systems
  • Environmental services
  • Performance improvement solutions

Benefits of working with Native Plant Solutions


Native vegetation and environmentally-conscious processes create, restore and remediate landscapes.


NPS products and services employ ecologically sound best management practices.


NPS’s adaptive management approach continuously improves our products and services to benefit your bottom line.


NPS provides high-quality results to withstand environmental conditions and provide immediate ecological benefits.


NPS manages projects from start to finish, from consultation and design to management and maintenance.


NPS experts specialize in wetland and native grassland ecology, agronomy, soil science, environmental science, site remediation, landscape architecture, avian biology and GIS technology

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