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British Columbia

Serpentine Wildlife Management Area

Serpentine Wildlife Management Area
Observe nature and learn about wetlands at a DUC project or wetland interpretive centre. © DUC

Pack your binoculars when planning your visit to this BC wetland project, at the Serpentine Wildlife Management Area.

The area is important for both migrating and overwintering waterfowl. Mallard, wigeon, coot, pintail and Canada geese are all common. It’s also home to other water birds, like great blue heron and shorebirds, and coastal bird species like marsh wren and red-winged black birds.

Many reptiles and amphibians are also found here. Mammal species include coyotes, muskrat and otters. Beneath the surface, sunfish, catfish and shiners are just a few of the fish species in the wetlands. In the adjacent Serpentine River, Coho salmon, rainbow trout, steelhead and carp thrive.

This project site includes parking areas and signage. Dogs must be on a leash at all times.


Province of British Columbia


44th Avenue near King George Blvd
Near Surrey, BC


9:30 am to 5:00 pm
May 15 – October 15

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