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Invasive Phragmites. An unwanted guest in Ontario’s wetlands.

Do you have invasive Phragmites in your wetland? Read our guide to help you identify this and other aquatic invasive species, and complete our survey. You can help stop the spread.

Are you protecting wetland habitat on your property? If so, you play a key role in DUC’s conservation goals. Wetlands provide vital habitat for waterfowl, and also provide very important benefits to people. Unfortunately, these habitats are threatened all across Canada, so it is important now more than ever, that we join together to protect these natural areas.
Phragmites in wetland

Wetlands are vulnerable to non-native wildlife species, or invasive species. These species are spreading and they’re changing the places we love. It’s important to find invasive plants before they’re established and become more difficult to remove from the wetland.

DUC is using our expertise in wetland habitat and restoration to take the lead on invasive aquatic species that impact wetland and waterfowl habitats—but we can’t do it alone. We need your help.

Download and review our Landowner’s guide

It will help you identify invasive aquatic plants—particularly invasive Phragmites, the most concerning invasive plant in Canada—and take the right steps to manage them.

Invasive Phragmites in Ontario Survey

Help us better understand the impact of these wetland invaders on DUC conservation projects across the province.

Your wetland is no doubt a beautiful part of your property, and DUC is eager to help you keep it healthy and productive for years to come.

Complete our survey

Drone footage of an invasive phragmites stand.
Drone footage of an invasive phragmites stand.

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Yellow warbler perched in an invasive phragmites stand. ©DUC/Kyle Borrowman